Project Description

The City of Phoenix Water Services Department is planning a 40 mgd water treatment plant using Clarification, Granular Activated City of PhoenixCarbon, Membrane filtration, Reverse Osmosis, Lime Clarification, Concentrate Reverse Osmosis. As part of the planning a 9 month pilot test on groundwater and surface water was conducted to achieve greater than 93 percent recovery using Primary RO, Lime Treatment of Concentrate and post lime Concentrate RO system.
Capacity: 35 gpm Primary RO, 7 gpm Lime Clarifier, 7 gpm Concentrate RO

Technology: Microfiltration, Revers Osmosis

SPI Role:
SPI was responsible for the RO system Design, RO bench test, RO equipment procurement, MF system procurement and Membrane (MF and RO) system Data analysis.