Project Description

The Phase V Expansion of West Basin Municipal Water District’s Edward C. Little Water Reclamation Facility provides additional production, high purity ECLWRF_Ph_Vindustrial, and Title 22 irrigation supplies.  SPI was retained to coordinate demonstration pilot testing for candidate microfiltration vendors in concert with pre-oxidation of the incoming secondary effluent supply with ozone treatment.

Capacity: 11 mgd of MF, 3.5 mgd of RO

Technology: Microfiltration, Reverse Osmosis

SPI Role:
SPI provided detailed procurement drawings and specifications for expansion of the existing MF system to increase reliable production for both existing and new reverse osmosis treatment demands.  SPI also provided the detailed design of two new 2.5 mgd reverse osmosis trains and specifications for the related equipment.  SPI provided services during construction of this important project, along with startup and commissioning assistance.

This is the fourth successful deisgn-build expansion of ECLWRF, in which SPI has been involved.  First project to use large scale (30 MGD) ozonation pretreatment ahead of polypropylene and PVDF MF membrane modules.