Many inland agencies have begun investigating the use of membranes and advanced processes for the treatment of previously unusable water sources including brackish groundwater, brackish surface water and agricultural drainage. As the agencies have investigated treatment technologies, they have quickly realized the importance of considering the waste streams from the processes. The waste stream in many instances is a source of water that cannot be wasted and therefore must be treated to the highest levels to recover the water and minimize the waste stream. SPI is currently involved in various projects for Concentrate Treatment and Concentrate Management. SPI has participated in developing salinity management plans for agencies facing salt intrusion and importation issues. SPI has also analyzed the ability to optimize Water Recovery and minimize the concentrate waste streams from membrane processes. Our efforts have included evaluations, bench top studies, analyzing Zero Liquid Discharge Systems and ultimately pilot testing and implementation as well as estimating the true costs to treat the water.

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SPI’s Project Files

SPI’s array of projects encompasses many areas of water treatment. Below is a sampling of projects completed by SPI’s engineers and staff.