Project Description

 West Basin Municipal Water District
Advanced Wastewater, Construction, Design Services, Piloting, Planning, Procurement, Training

The Edward C. Little Water Recycling Facility Phase III Expansion provides water to the Chevron Refinery.
WBMWD Phase 3The project includes a 5.4 mgd microfiltration system treating secondary effluent followed by a two-pass RO system. The first pass RO system produces 4.6 mgd of RO permeate to supply low-pressure boiler feedwater to Chevron, as well as feed the second pass RO system, which produces 2.6 mgd high-pressure boiler feed water.

Capacity: 5.4 mgd MF, 1.7 mgd Low Pressure Boiler Feed RO and 2.6 mgd High Pressure Boiler Feed Second Pass RO

Technology: Microfiltration, Reverse Osmosis

SPI Role:
SPI provided the technical specifications for the MF and the detailed design for the two-pass RO system based upon the pilot-scale demonstration of a two-pass RO system for production of high-purity boiler feed water also facilitated by SPI. Additionally, SPI provided construction services and startup services.