Project Description

Piloting, Seawater

The West Basin seawater desalination pilot testing is a multi-phase testing program operating on an
WBseawaterpilotopen-intake seawater supply from a power plant cooling loop. Partially funded by the National Water Research Institute and The US Bureau of Reclamation, is generating data on the performance of microfiltration and ultrafiltration pretreatment of reverse osmosis on both the ambient temperature intake supply and warm water discharge of power plant. The study has developed operating and design parameters for the District’s current demonstration-scale project and ultimately full-scale implementation of microfiltration and reverse osmosis on this seawater source.

Capacity: 50 gpm

Technology: Microfiltration, Ultrafiltration, and Reverse Osmosis

SPI Role:
Throughout three major phases of testing, SPI defined the treatment process, prepared equipment procurement packages including a detailed design of the RO system, arranged the lease of a pilot MF & UF systems, prepared the test protocols, provided on-site process engineering support, data analysis and reporting.