SPI has a reputation for offering the highest quality services and technical support throughout the life of a project from conceptual planning, through design, construction and through full-scale support of the operation. SPI takes an Emphasis on Excellence approach to each project and draws on extensive experience and expertise to ensure the highest quality projects.

SPI has participated in a variety of projects employing various project delivery methods including, design-bid-build, design/build, design-build-operate, construction manager at risk and alliance contracting. SPI is well versed in working in a team environment offering technical support and services as required to make our projects successful.

Services offered include all aspects of project delivery including:

  • Construction Phase Services
    SPI provides services during construction to complement and add value to the construction of the facilities. SPI provides services such as mechanical system review and inspection, piping fabrication inspections and control system coordination during construction to make sure the equipment and processes are implemented as designed. – Learn More
  • Design Services
    SPI provides complete mechanical process design services for membrane treatment systems. For instance, beyond procuring membrane filtration systems, SPI provides design of the complete mechanical system to allow a general contractor to install the system. For Reverse Osmosis and Nanofiltration, we design complete systems including detailed fabrication drawings. – Learn More
  • Pilot Studies
    SPI has extensive experience in the development and implementation of water and wastewater treatment process pilot studies, from development of the testing protocol, through supervision of operation, data analysis and preparation of the final report. Past pilot study objectives have included evaluation of treatment alternatives, process demonstration and development, qualification testing for membrane procurement, and a variety of research oriented projects. – Learn More
  • Planning
    Most water and wastewater treatment projects begin with a planning or conceptual design study to determine the treatment process alternatives and to assess the suitability of technologies for the specific project goals and site. The evaluation of treatment alternatives and development of preliminary cost estimates provides valuable information for the decision making process. – Learn More
  • Membrane Support Services
    SPI offers a wide range of capabilities and services for clients already operating full scale membrane treatment facilities. Drawing upon our roots in membrane plant design and our thorough understanding of membrane processes, SPI has the unique capability of assessing, troubleshooting, monitoring, and optimizing any membrane process spanning the spectrum of water and wastewater treatment applications. – Learn More
  • Procurement
    SPI has a wealth of experience in the procurement of proprietary membrane systems as well as procurement of other advanced technologies. We have procured over 75 membrane treatment systems including microfiltration, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, nanofiltration and membrane bioreactors. The systems have ranged in size from as small as 20 gallons per minute up to 90 million gallons per day. – Learn More
  • Training and Operations & Maintenance Manuals
    SPI offers various levels of training for membrane systems. The training covers basic system training and site specific system training as well as detailed system data monitoring and data interpretation training. The training is developed for Operators, Supervisors and Managers and can be tailored individually to the specific systems. – Learn More