Project Description

Piloting, Seawater

This 12-month pilot study operated on a coastal vertical well, producing feedwater of 18,000 mg/L TDS, with 2 mg/L iron and 1 mg/L manganese.  The City of Oceanside wanted to identify a feasible and cost effective way to add a seawater component to the Mission Basin Groundwater Purification Facility spiropilot2(MBGPF).  The project was to combine the existing MBGPF brackish water treatment with a nearby seawater component to maximize the use of locally available groundwater supplies.  The one year pilot testing program was launched to generate information on the proposed feedwater source.

Capacity: 15 gpm

Technology: Reverse Osmosis

SPI Role:

SPI as a sub-consultant on the project, was responsible for all aspects of treatment process including development of test protocol, specification and supply of pilot equipment, complete on-site operating services, sampling, data analysis and reporting.  The treatment process performed extremely well and achieved >99% on-line time.

SPI supplied their own RO pilot system for the 12 month study.