Project Description


The Municipal Water District of Orange County is planning a 15 mgd Seawater Desalination facility to be
Dohenylocated in Dana Point. The agency is engaged in a pilot testing program to investigate a slant well intake that would allow for drawing seawater through the seafloor and delivering to the facility for treatment. Phase 3 of the project consists of an 18-month demonstration test of a 2,100 gpm slant-well, water quality analysis and related pilot testing. SPI as the prime consultant is leading the operation and engineering support services for this critical 18–month desalination study operating on this novel beach slant-well intake system.
Capacity: 2,100 gpm

Technology: Microfiltration, Revers Osmosis

SPI Role:
SPI Phase 3 scope of work includes test protocol development, data analysis and reporting, operation of the slant well and all test equipment, performance analysis of the slant well intake system, water quality evaluation on the feed and the product water, biological growth and corrosion assessment, pretreatment study for iron and manganese removal, and reverse osmosis pilot system operation.