The SPI RO Pilot System is a self contained unit capable of either brackish or seawater desalination applications. The system uses 4” diameter membrane elements in three and four element long vessels.
The array is configurable to either a single-stage or two-stage array depending on the application and operating recovery. Each stage utilizes four-element long vessel(s) followed by three-element long vessel(s) to simulate a full-scale seven-element long vessel, while retaining the smaller system footprint needed for a pilot.

  • Single Stage: 2:2 array with a total of 14 elements
  • Two-Stage Array: 2:2:1:1 array with a total of 21 elements

The system has a VFD driven Danfoss feed pump capable of delivering up to 1,000 psi for seawater applications. The system is configurable to operate at reduced pressures for nanofiltration and brackish RO applications.

A basic Process Flow Diagram is provided below.  A full specification sheet is available to download here and a complete P&I drawing is available upon request.

Contact John Perlman if you are interested in more information on the Pilot Unit.