SPI offers a wide range of capabilities and services for clients already operating full scale membrane treatment facilities. Drawing upon our roots in membrane plant design and our thorough understanding of membrane processes, SPI has the unique capability of troubleshooting,assessing, monitoring, and optimizing any membrane process spanning the spectrum of water and wastewater treatment applications. SPI is exceptionally qualified to provide support to operations staff based on real world application and experience. SPI has been retained by a variety of clients to provide operational support and performance monitoring of their hollow fiber and spiral wound membrane systems.

These support services include:

  • Troubleshooting: For those agencies that know they have a problem but aren’t quite sure what the problem is, what the cause is or how to resolve it.
  • Performance Audits: For those agencies that want a periodic verification of system performance, membrane condition and remaining membrane life.
  • Data Monitoring: For those agencies that want the confidence of having recognized experts help their operators avoid operational problems
  • Process Optimization: For the Agency that might already have stable operation, but is looking for advice on how to safely improve O&M costs.

In addition to the core services above, the following stand-alone services are beneficial to plant operators and can be provided by SPI:

  • Cleaning Assessments
  • Membrane Autopsy & Foulant Identification
  • Pre-treatment Chemicals Selection and Specification
  • Membrane Replacement Specifications

SPI’s Membrane Support Services helps staff understand the requirements of the membrane treatment process and can identify events and occurrences that could adversely affect the performance of the facility, resulting in unplanned and costly maintenance.

Contact SPI to discuss your membrane plant’s performance and optimization.

SPI’s¬†Project Files

SPI’s array of projects encompasses many different facilities. Below is a sampling of facilities and a description of the support services provided SPI.