Most water and wastewater treatment projects begin with a planning or conceptual design study to determine the treatment process alternatives and to assess the suitability of technologies for the specific project goals and site. The evaluation of treatment alternatives and development of preliminary cost estimates provides valuable information for the decision making process.
SPI has been involved in a significant number of treatment alternatives analyses and evaluations. We have developed cost models specifically for the analysis of membrane and alternative processes. These cost models allow us to evaluate various alternatives to determine the most cost effective treatment scenario. The planning study can incorporate a “sensitivity and risk” analysis, which allows the client to understand the impact of changes in any of the project assumptions (i.e. capital cost, energy or membrane replacement). Using this approach we are able to identify and recommend the most appropriate alternative based upon an understanding of how changes may impact the overall project.
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SPI’s Planning Projects
SPI’s array of planning projects encompasses many areas of water treatment. Below is a sampling of projects completed by SPI’s engineers and staff.