30 June 2017,

Separation Processes, Inc. (SPI) has been awarded a 5 year contract with the Mesa Water District to provide operations support of the Mesa Water Reliability Facility (MWRF) an 8.5 mgd state of the art nanofiltration plant.  In this capacity SPI will work with the District to help maintain the performance of the MWRF with monitoring and optimization of its facility.  SPI has a long history of supporting the Mesa Water District.  The firm has been working with Mesa Water District since 2009.  SPI’s core Membrane Monitoring Services (MMS) include routine or periodic review of operating data for UF, MF, NF and RO systems to achieve and maintain maximum operating efficiency and minimum cost.  The firm also provides operator training, SOP review and revisions, pilot studies, troubleshooting, foulant analyses, and membrane autopsies.

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