SPI engineers are focused on analyzing all aspects of membranes and advanced treatment processes. Many of SPI’s engineers have experience from manufacturing backgrounds, providing a level of understanding of membrane systems that is unmatched in the industry. SPI’s emphasis on excellence provides the highest quality of membrane system engineering available in the industry.

Our experience has led us to all aspects of water treatment including:

  • Advanced Wastewater Treatment and Water Recycling
    SPI is in the forefront of applying membrane processes for Advanced Wastewater Treatment and Water Recycling. For almost three decades, SPI has continued to work on the most recognized advanced water reclamation projects in the United States and around the world including the Orange County Water District, Groundwater Replenishment System (Fountain Valley, CA), the City of Scottsdale Water Campus (Scottsdale, Arizona), the West Basin Municipal Water District Water Recycling Plant and Satellite Facilities (El Segundo, CA) and the Queensland, Brisbane, Australia Western Corridor Project. – Learn More
  • Concentrate Treatment and Concentrate Management
    Many inland agencies have begun investigating the use of membranes and advanced processes for the treatment of previously unusable water sources including brackish groundwater, brackish surface water and agricultural drainage. As the agencies have investigated treatment technologies, they have quickly realized the importance of considering the waste streams from the processes. – Learn More
  • Groundwater Treatment
    SPI is at the forefront of applying membrane processes for treatment of brackish and impaired Groundwater sources. SPI has designed over 30 groundwater treatment systems including Membrane Filtration(MF), Nanofiltration (NF) and Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems producing over 75 mgd of potable water. SPI has designed the systems for Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) reduction, softening,and the removal of nitrate, arsenic, iron, manganese and organics. – Learn More
  • Seawater Desalination
    Seawater desalination by Reverse Osmosis has seen substantial improvements in technology in recent years, which favorably impact the cost of implementation and ability to meet water quality objectives. Improvements in energy recovery devices, new membranes, and in some cases co-location with power generation facilities are projected to reduce the cost of water to be competitive with many alternative supplies. – Learn More
  • Surface Water Treatment
    Since the early 1990s, SPI has participated in the development of over 300 mgd of potable water treatment capacity specifically on surface water. The projects have included various treatment processes including clarification, membrane filtration and disinfection processes such as chlorination or UV. – Learn More
  • Wastewater Treatment and Membrane Bioreactors
    In 1999, SPI was asked to troubleshoot and identify solutions to resolve hydraulic problems in one of the first municipal membrane bioreactors (MBR) in the US. That initial study effort, lead SPI into the treatment of wastewater using membrane bioreactor technology. – Learn More

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