SPI is in the forefront of applying membrane processes for Advanced Wastewater Treatment and Water Recycling. For almost three decades, SPI has continued to work on the most recognized advanced water reclamation projects in the United States and around the world including the Orange County Water District, Groundwater Replenishment System (Fountain Valley, CA), the City of Scottsdale Water Campus (Scottsdale, Arizona), the West Basin Municipal Water District Water Recycling Plant and Satellite Facilities (El Segundo, CA) and the Queensland, Brisbane, Australia Western Corridor Project. SPI has worked extensively in the development and refinement of the membrane filtration and reverse osmosis treatment processes for the treatment of wastewater for indirect potable reuse. SPI has contributed to AWWARF Studies studies on organics and nitrogen removal as well as pharmaceuticals and compounds of potential concern. SPI has been instrumental in applying membranes on recycled water for low and high pressure boiler feed. SPI has successfully provided planning, design, construction and operations support services for over 150 mgd of advanced wastewater treatment for recycling. As a result of working closely with several clients treating municipal effluents with membrane technologies, SPI has a detailed understanding of the anticipated performance and issues associated with membranes in this application.

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SPI’s Project Files

SPI’s array of projects encompasses many areas of water treatment. Below is a sampling of projects completed by SPI’s engineers and staff.